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Brian Clapper,

Scala in Philly

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A few of us Scala enthusiasts in and around the Philadelphia, PA, area have been throwing around the idea of a Philly-area Scala group. Courtesy of Mark Chadwick, we already have a cool name; we just need the people to go with it.

The proposed group name is PHASE, for Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts. This name is a blatant riff on BASE, the Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts group. PHASE currently has a mailing list. We’re trying to gauge how much interest there is in Scala, in the Philadelphia area. If you’re interested, please come join the mailing list.

If we can get 20 people (give or take), we have a big enough group to warrant monthly meet-ups. The idea, obviously, is to provide a means for Philly-area Scala users and fans to get together and network, share experiences, help each other out, invite speakers, evangelize Scala–whatever.

If you think this sounds as interesting and useful as we do, then stop by the mailing list and sign up, so we know how to reach you.