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Brian Clapper,

A flood of bad meat

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I don’t know why this crap continues to amaze me after more than a decade, but it just does.

My spam filters have trapped more than 300 pieces of pork in the last day. Meanwhile, the spam filtering software attached to this seldom-updated blog has trapped another 300-400 pieces of blog comment spam. This latest flood of pr0n- and turgidity-related verbiage began sometime last week.

I have no illusions that the spam problem will ever go away; luckily, I have several lines of filter defenses which work surprisingly well: very few false positives, very few missed pieces of spam ending up in my inbox, no missed pieces of spam ending up in my blog. I do, however, have to clean up those quarantined turds periodically, and the sheer size of that turd pile still amazes me sometimes.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Castration’s too good for those bastards.